Radiant Barriers Reduce Utility Bills in Conroe TX

The mere fact that a quality window and door manufacturer like Gorell – eight time Energy Star Partner of the Year – was offering a new Radiaflect Reflective Insulation probably would have been enough to convince me that Conroe radiant barriers are the real deal. But they didn’t sell me on their reputation alone. Instead, they described a product that offered a real solution to a real problem.

The problem is that nearly half (45%) of the energy wasted in a typical home is lost through the attic. Walls, windows, doors, and floors account for the rest. So in other words, you lose almost as much energy through the attic as through all other areas combined.

The solution, then, is to plug the leak in the attic. And that’s what Radiaflect does. But don’t confuse this radiant barrier with the aluminum foil I was first introduced to. Radiaflect has a lot more to offer than typical radiant foil barriers – which have no R-value whatsoever.

Radiaflect actually has two reflective faces – one on each side. Sandwiched between the reflective surfaces is a closed-cell polyethylene core. These layers combine to provide R-11 protection against convection (the transfer of heat by air circulation) and conduction (the transfer of heat from one surface to another because they touch each other). That’s the equivalent of up to six inches of additional fiberglass.

Of course, the real proof is with homeowners who have insulate their attics with a radiant barrier in Conroe. Here’s what a few of them have had to say:

Radiaflect reflective insulation was installed in our home’s attic in June 2010. When we experienced the record-setting hottest, most humid day of the year in July, Radiaflect was definitely put to the test. On similar hot July days, I have noticed a significant difference in the upstairs comfort level…

~ Lana Sorensen, Urbandale

I could tell a difference in the air temperature of my upper story within one half hour of the installation of the Radiaflect. It was amazing!

~ Rita Salmons, Urbandale

In a nutshell, what these homeowners, and many more like them, are finding is that a radiant barrier in their attic results in:

  • Less heat gain in summer
  • Less heat loss in winter
  • Lower utility bills every month of the year
  • Fewer drafts throughout the house
  • A more comfortable and consistent living environment

Perhaps best of all, though, is that installing a radiant barrier like Radiaflect often costs less per square foot than conventional insulation. So you spend less and get more! And the installation is only beginning of the savings. Quality insulation pays for itself over time by lowering your utility bills immediately.

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