Air leaks around attic access

Air leaks around attic access

 High light bills?

Hot or Cold Spots in certain rooms?

Trouble getting comfortable?

High humidity in your home?

Problem may not be your air conditioner…



Comfort is not Rocket Science!

Imagine your at a backyard BBQ.  Its a pretty warm Saturday afternoon in late May here in Southeast Texas.  98 degress at 82% Humidity.   Your sweating trying to find a cool breezy spot in the shade and there are Ice chests of Dr. Pepper and Miller Light scattered across the back yard.

You want to find the coldest drink you can.  All the ice chests were filled early this morning.  Where are you headed?

  1. Ice chest Number 1.   $3 styrofoam ice chest from the gas station that kids have left the lid partially opened while pulling out Capri Suns for the last 1/2 hour.
  2. Ice chest Number 2    $35 Walmart Special with latched lid,  but left in back of truck directly in sunlight for since 9am when they filled it with Ice.
  3. Ice Chest Number 3    $125 Multi day cooler with latched lid sitting in shade under picnic table with someones legs propped up on it.
  4. Ice Chest Number 4     $800 OMG ARCTIC TUNDRA FROSTBITE Cooler with latches and locks,  sitting just inside the air conditioned house.

You know where your headed to get your drink.  Your home is no different.  Comfort for your drinks is the same as comfort for you.

Comfort for your drinks is the same as comfort for you.

Minimize radiant and direct sunlight.

Insulate, insulate, insulate.

Keep Door and windows closed.

Make sure house doesn’t have air leaks.


For a Home Energy Efficiency Assessment give us a call.   We can help you find those trouble areas that cost you money and comfort.